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Monday, January 1, 2018

How Much You Should Walk Everyday to Start Losing Weight?

How Much You Should Walk Everyday to Start Losing Weight?

Nowadays a healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity more and more. People start eating healthy foods and perform physical exercises regularly. In such a way they stay healthy and have enough energy to lead an interesting and active life.

People perform cardio and strength exercises. The first type is the best for weight loss. Swimming and jogging are considered to be the most effective cardio workouts. They provide people with the best results. However, you should know that there is one more effective type of training which is available for everyone.

Walking is really great for those people who want to slim down. However, for the best effect you should know how much you should walk daily to start losing weight and to achieve desirable results. Today we will help you to figure it out.

To lose weight due to walking you should pay special attention to your speed and body weight. You should create your own schedule and walk regularly to get rid of excess weight. To make the process easier you can use a pace counter. It will help you to control the level of your physical activity during the day.

To make the most suitable plan of training you can use a following estimation: 100 kcal = 2,000 paces = 1.6 km; 1 kg = 140,000 paces = 7,000 kcal = 112 km. But everything also depends on your health condition and habits, so you should pay special attention to these factors.

The best thing is that you can train everywhere and whenever you want. For example, you can use stairs instead of an elevator or go to work on foot, if it’s not too far. You can make you walking more interesting. For example, you can listen to your favorite music or take you dog to the park with you.

You should also know that to achieve desirable results you should walk correctly. For example, your back and shoulders should be straight. You should start slowly and increase your speed gradually. Later you can increase both the time of your training and your tempo. To slim down you should practice every day or at least 3 times a week.

So, as you can see everything is rather simple. You can train even while going to the bus stop. Your workouts can be both interesting and effective. They can bring you a real pleasure, if you do everything correctly.

Stay motivated and you can achieve your goals. If you are struggling with your motivation have a look at one of our many articles for inspiration.

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