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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Drinking This Type of Soda Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Produces Them

Drinking This Type of Soda Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Produces Them

Most people are not aware about all the health dangers of drinking soda. In Mexico (currently the world’s most obese nation) the average person consumes 459 cans of soda per year (or about 146 liters). This is 2nd to only one nation, America, where the average person consumes 487 cans of Soda per year (or 170 liters). According to the Bloomberg Total Health Index, in 2017 Italy has the world’s healthiest people whom consume only about 46 liters of soda per year.

The correlation between soda consumption, cancer, rising obesity and diabetes rates are well established. But there are many other reasons why this beverage is bad for you. Unfortunately, the sweet taste and inclusion of caffeine, has many people addicted to soda and many consume several cans per day.

One study of over 60,000 men and women found that those who drank two or more sugary sodas per week were 87% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those who did not drink soda.

Other people are confused and tricked into thinking they are drinking a healthy alternative when they choose diet soda. This is unfortunately false as the ingredients used in diet soda are in many cases worse than those in regular soda.
Let’s look closer at the health dangers of drinking soda and the impact of soda consumption and why you should think twice about drinking it or allowing your kids to.

Health Dangers of Drinking Soda

Tooth Decay: According to the American Dental Association, soda is a leading contributor to cavities and tooth decay, especially in children. In some places, like territories in the Appalachian Mountains, tooth decay from sodas (like Mountain Dew) are an epidemic. Excessive tooth decay can affect both the nerve endings and the roots of the tooth causing pain and even tooth loss. When you do drink soda, make sure to brush your teeth after doing so.

Renal Problems: Both the acids (like phosphoric acid) and sodium (like sodium bentonite) can cause kidney stones and other renal issues. If you have renal problems and consume soda on a regular basis, you should consider if it is contributing to your condition.

Obesity: This is the obvious one and very impactful as carrying extra weight can result in diabetes, heart problems, skeletal issues as well as severely lowering your life longevity. It is estimated that if you consume 1 can of soda per day, you will have consumed over 39 pounds of sugar that year!

Osteoporosis: This affects many women (in particular) and can be very painful as you age. The high levels of phosphate found in soda affect your mineral equilibrium and in-turn damages your bones.

Diabetes: Daily consumption of soda will raise your risk of type 2 diabetes by 15% and promotes insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes can result in cognitive and cardiac impairment. One of the major epidemics in our society is the high rates of diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions in children.

Eliminating soda consumption would be the best way to reduce your children’s risk.

As you can see, when you drink soda there are many potentially harmful impacts to your body. Limiting (or completely eliminating) soda consumption will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals faster, live a longer life and maintain overall health as you age.

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