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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Your Finger Shape And Your Personality Are Connected

Your Finger Shape And Your Personality Are Connected

I never actually realized how different everyone’s fingers are until I thought more about it. It is very impressing and quite accurate, so read below to learn more about your personality according to the shape of your finger.

A finger
If you have this finger shape, you usually hide your feelings most of the time. You try to act independent and strong and this is how people perceive you. You hate liars and always try to be fair. You sometimes get emotional but kindness is what you lean toward. You have a big heart ever though you seem tough on the outside. You can sometimes be too eccentric.
B finger
You are not too confident in yourself and you have trouble approaching people, especially those who you have never met before. You give people your full attention, and in love you are very loyal. You don’t like going out too much. You are very determined to reach your goals and you are never afraid of being hurt or failing along the way.
C finger
You are among the most emotional people. You have no trouble letting go of things that are making you angry. You hate unfairness and it often causes you to overreact. You have a big heart and want to make sure everyone is having a good time.

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