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Monday, September 4, 2017

Make These 7 Food Changes For 7 Days And Say Goodbye To Belly Fat!

When you make these changes you will “empty your belly” and thus eliminate the swelling and the excess of fats in the abdominal region. Why not start today?
Many women are satisfied with their physical form in general, but they are disturbed by the excess fat accumulated in the belly Although it is impossible to thin only a specific part of the body, you can take temporary measures to lose that extra belly and reduce the feeling of swelling. And the best: quickly.
Most people believe that the remedy for the belly fat is crunched. In fact, the exercise does not burn many calories and has the main function of stiffening the musculature, therefore, does not serve to solves the problem. What really makes a difference, in this case, are dietary changes.
The following plan has 5 main objectives:
  • Eliminate toxins from the body, which cause swelling and impede the body’s full and correct functioning
  • Combat fluid retention, eliminating swelling
  • Promoting good bowel function
  • Accelerate the general fat burning of the body (including the abdominal)
  • Reduce abdominal inflammation
This is not a long-term diet – but a plan to attack the momentary swelling and do a body cleaning. Adopt these 7 habits for a week, incorporating a new one every day, and get a smoother belly and a healthier organism:

  1. Fibers + water
Include foods rich in fibers in the diet, such as leafy greens, broccoli, chickpeas, beans, apple (with peel), papaya, watermelon, etc. plus 2 tablespoons of flax seed throughout the day. Do not stop drinking 2 liters of water, so the fibers do not dry up.
  1. Eliminate toxins
It’s difficult, but it lasts little. Eliminate caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.) from your menu as well as white sugar, ultra-processed foods, and preservatives. Try to eat only natural foods and reduce the salt to the maximum.
  1. Cut lactose
If you do not have intolerance or allergy, you should not adopt this habit forever, only during detox. Lactose has difficult digestion, increases gas production and causes discomfort and swelling. Look for alternatives such as vegetable milk.
  1. Cut gluten
The body has difficulty breaking gluten and, therefore, it causes a slight inflammation in the intestine, in addition to causing constipation. However, as in the case of lactose, if you do not have celiac disease, you should not give up of gluten forever.
  1. Include thermogenic
Give your metabolism a boost by adding ginger and cinnamon to the sweet meals and peppers to the salty ones. They accelerate the fat burning and ensure more flavor to the dishes.
  1. Cut the red meat
Animal protein is harder to digest than vegetable, but red meat is especially hard for our digestive system. Include only light white meat in the diet, such as fish and chicken.
  1. Drink green tea
To expel the rest of the toxins from the body and the excess of fluids, prepare a 1.5 l bottle of green tea and drink throughout the day.
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