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Thursday, June 2, 2016

More than 30 US cities' water tests may underestimate lead

Thirty-three US cities are skirting EPA water test directives; Clinton says Trump will ‘scam America’; dagger found in King Tut’s tomb was made from a meteorite

Fears of widespread water contamination grow

More than 30 cities across the US are skirting Environmental Protection Agency water test directives; of these, 21 are using the testing methods that were used in Flint, Michigan, before drinking water there was found to be contaminated with high concentrations of lead. A Guardian investigation found that of 43 cities that provided water testing information 33, including Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia, used testing methods over the past decade that could underestimate lead in drinking water. Officials in two states, Michigan and New Hampshire, advised water departments to give themselves extra time to retest if lead contamination exceeded federal limits. In Philadelphia and Chicago, state government employees were asked to test water safety in their own homes. Marc Edwards, the scientist who uncovered the Flint crisis, described testing in some of America’s largest cities as an “outrage”.

Clinton unleashes Trump attack

Hillary Clinton has dismissed Donald Trump as “fraud” who would “scam America the way he scammed all of those people at Trump U”. Clinton seized onthe Trump University court case ahead of a major foreign policy address on Thursday, to attempt to show how her Republican rival would enrich himself “at the expense of hardworking people”. The former secretary of state also said Trump’s support for torture and banning Muslims from entering the US “disqualifies” him from being commander in chief. In return, Trump called her a “liar” and denied claims he supports nuclear proliferation. Stepping up his owncriticism, Barack Obama warned Trump could trigger a new financial crisis. A new poll gave Clinton a narrow lead. Jeb Lund says Trump’s sole consistent trait is offering pricey, empty promises.

Mexico elections cast spotlight on corrupt governors – and hope for change

Under the rule of governor Javier Duarte de Ocho, Veracruz has become one of Mexico’s most dangerous, most censored and most indebted states. Duarte, who represents the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), cannot run for re-election on Sunday, when 12 states including Veracruz hold gubernatorial elections. But the depth of his unpopularity could help put an end to 86 years of PRI rule in Veracruz – a huge blow for the party which has long dominated Mexican politics, two years before a presidential election.

China foreign minister disputes Canadian’s criticism

On a visit to Ottawa, Wang Yi strongly criticised a Canadian reporter for questioning China’s human rights record and specifically the detention of Kevin Garratt, held since 2014 on charges of espionage and stealing state secrets. Wang told iPolitics the question was “full of prejudice against China and arrogance. This is totally unacceptable. Other people don’t know better than the Chinese people about the human rights condition in China and it is the Chinese people who are in the best position to have a say about China’s human rights situation”.

Two dead in murder-suicide on UCLA campus

A student and teacher were the apparent perpetrator and victim of a shooting at UCLA that saw the campus placed in lockdown and subject to a citywide tactical response by Los Angeles law enforcement. The gunman – a student unhappy with his grades, according to reports – killed William Klug, 39, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, before turning the gun on himself.

Uber lands $3.5bn investment from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund has taken a stake in Uber that will give it a seat on the board of a company currently valued at $62.5bn, more than the market capitalization of FedEx, General Motors and Ford Motor Co. Danny Yadron writes: “It’s an ironic investment for Uber, given that the country is the only one in the world to ban women from driving.” By law, all Uber drivers in Saudi Arabia are men.

Dagger of meteorite ore found in Egypt

Researchers have determined that a dagger found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb “strongly suggests an extraterrestrial origin”, after it was found to contain metals from a meteorite. The iron blade, which had a gold handle, rock crystal pommel and lily and jackal-decorated sheath, puzzled Egyptologists for decades because it had not rusted and because iron-work was rare in kingdom. The discovery was published in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

TV’s Prince of Darkness on comeback trail

Simon Cowell is on the comeback trail with a relaunch of America’s Got Talent. Dave Schilling says Cowell’s comeback is not a moment too soon. But can this “spoon-faced prince of reality TV trainwrecks … the original bad boy of crap television” reclaim his throne? Schilling is worried Cowell has ditched his sense of cynicism for “aw-shucks American cheese”. But America’s Got Talent, he adds, is the least edgy, least negative show on broadcast TV today which has rendered the one thing people liked about Cowell totally and completely useless.

Knightley gets apology for ‘supermodel’ comment

Speaking of awkward moments, Irish director John Carney has apologised to actor Keira Knightley after saying she was a “supermodel”, adding that she hadn’t got the essence of her character in Begin Again, the film in which he cast her.

NBA finals: it’s Curry v James again

“Now that this rematch is a reality,” writes Dave Schilling, “the question must be asked: who the hell is going to win? The two teams have had months to prepare, match up well with each other, and both have historically great superstars with an axe to grind against the other. Perhaps LeBron really didn’t mean to malign Steph’s second straight MVP award. Maybe we’re all blowing this out of proportion. Maybe global warming is a hoax perpetrated by aliens hoping to steal our oil reserves. Look, anything is possible and I don’t know who to believe anymore…”

And in case you missed it …

Donald Trump – in case you didn’t know enough about him already – is losing hisgrip on golf. US PGA Tour organisers have confirmed that the first World Golf Championship event will no longer be played at the presidential candidate’s Doral venue in Miami, Florida, where it has been for 55 years. Trump offered this response: “They’re moving it to Mexico City which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance.”

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